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Science and Technology Internship Program - Green Jobs


1500 (2021-22 target)


All youth age 15-30

What should I know about this program?

Natural Resources Canada's Science and Technology Internship Program (Green Jobs) supports you in gaining experience through paid internships and pre-employment training opportunities in the natural resources sectors, including energy, forestry, mining, and earth sciences.

Participants will gain valuable experience in placements that contribute to Canada's green economy.

Placement opportunities up to 12 months in length.

The program promotes diversity by targeting 50% participation by employment equity groups including women, Indigenous, visible minorities, and youth with disabilities, with particular emphasis on recruiting youth from Indigenous, northern, rural and remote communities.

Am I eligible to apply?

You're eligible to apply if you...

  1. Are between the ages of 15 and 30 at the start of the placement
  2. Are legally entitled to work in Canada
  3. Are a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident, or have refugee status

We're working on connecting you with opportunities - stay tuned

Here's what previous participants did!

  • Designed and implemented new wind and energy systems
  • Monitored soil and vegetation during a mining land reclamation process
  • Conducted Energy audits on residential homes or commercial buildings
  • Improved the understanding of potential impacts of oil, gas and forestry development on wildlife
  • Conducted geoscience research
  • Coordinated climate change adaptations projects

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