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WILD Outside

Source: Canada Service Corps


The future of conservation is in the hands of young Canadians. Developing an appreciation for the natural world all around you is the first step to ensuring a brighter future for wildlife. The Canadian Wildlife Federation WILD Outside program is a fun way for youth aged 15 to 18 to get outside and develop a profound nature connection. Come get involved in the program specifically designed to inspire youth to explore and discover the nature world around them. WILD Outside is calling!! WILD Outside is a national conservation-based youth community service and leadership program designed for youth ages 15 to 18. The program is open to all regardless of physical, economic, or other barriers; this is a no cost program with free enrolment that encourages youth of all ability levels and outdoor experience to join. By participating in this unique and flexible program, youth across Canada will experience opportunities for personal growth while developing and encouraging their own “conservation ethic.” Learning alongside their peers from our CWF facilitators, youth who join the WILD Outside program will enjoy opportunities for outdoor adventure and immersive nature experiences. They will also connect with other local participants in the planning and delivery of community-based conservation service projects in their own community designed to have a positive impact on their local environment.


Age 15-18

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